Mikkeller, Bangkok – Gypsy brewbar


We’re in Bangkok again! After Songkran in April, this has been the longest travel draught I’ve had in awhile (almost three whole months in one place!). So we’re back in Bangkok for four sweet days of eating and shopping, and Mikkeller was one of my partner’s finds. It’s a Danish self proclaimed “gypsy” brewbar. What that means, I’m not entirely sure, but it’s based on the fact that it’s not an official brewery, but rather one built on collaborations with brewers. Further non-conformist, the bar is styled out of an old 1960′s house, one of many in the Ekkamai area, parked in a little hard to find spot shaded amongst trees and shielded by other residents’ homes. It is a teal and light wood fantasy with 30 craft beers from around the world. That customised strip of taps is what I’d love to have in my house.

So to be honest I’m not that big into beers anymore, for at least a year or so now. At home, I’ve been way more into whiskey and soda, and beers are what I seem to have when I’m not home, nor am I in the vicinity of any kind of decent cocktail concoction. Still, I couldn’t pass up one of these.

sevensecondrhapsody-mikkeller3 sevensecondrhapsody-mikkeller1

Obviously Mikkeller specialises in niche craft beers. You know, not the kind that got its start in beerfests, got bottled and then seemed to have gone commercial and sold in a dozen eateries while being labelled “craft”. Most of the beers on tap at Mikkeller’s I’ve never heard of (no Dead Guy Ale here). Theirs are specialised brews the likes of IPAs, pilsners, and even barleywine. Not really wanting anything new in this arena, I stuck to my favourite bitter brew, the trusty IPA, and sampled the pretty tasty Spaceman. My partner loved the Chill Pils Orange, and Sukhumvit Brown (ale).

Having just had a bloody mary at lunch, lips singing from tobasco, I’m not sure if my lips burned from the Spaceman or no; either way it was a good experience. Mikkeller operates quite unlike a bar serving beer – its entire ethos is built with the roots of craft in mind: one of a kind and constantly innovative.

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Brambrüesch mountains, Chur

Isn’t that view simply stunning? It’s as if I were looking at a 1:20000zillion scaled model piece of the mountains, all styrofoam painted green, blue and then dusted with cotton wool. It’s poofy and unreal and when the sun cuts through the thin air and fog it’s beyond amazing. It’s that cheesy feeling when DiCaprio stood over… 

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48 hours in Zurich – day 2: “Real” Zurich

I feel the old city most exemplifies and most carries the essence of Zurich. Then again, I’m often clouded by the charm that is old cities, it is the same whether I’m in the Sultanahmet in Istanbul or anywhere else in the world. You shouldn’t ever miss venturing beyond that. Though truth be told I… 

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48 hours in Zurich – day 1: The Old City

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pool 2

hello from Chiang Mai

  Our Yangon trip got moved to October, and I realised that I hadn’t updated my travel widget in a while. When we had to move Yangon, the discussion of where to go led us to Bangkok, and since this is a four day holiday, we figured being stuck in the city for that long… 

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Wondermilk, KL

A big case of hype carried my feet towards Wondermilk, though I didn’t actively seek this place out when we dropped by KL for the weekend. Parked in a hotel slightly nearer towards Damansara than the city, we decided to take the weekend to explore Bangsar, and with it, the Publika mall. It’d been open… 

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5 faves – Friday 2 May

I slammed head first into May. Figuratively, celebrating by throwing some (nay, quite a fair bit I sheepishly think in hindsight) hard cash on something material one typically rewarded oneself with on birthdays. Or, in this case, I just freaking wanted it. I’m a huge practitioner of the Withholding of Impulse Desires movement – more commonly known… 

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Cafe Zähringer, Zürich

Organic, vegetarian-friendly cafés aren’t the sort of thing we seek out when travelling, but we were drawn to the old school charm of Café Zähringer in Zurich’s old town. It was not very far from our hotel, so it naturally came across our path. We popped into the little place for a spot of coffee,… 

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5 things I miss about Paris

Paris is the place I always want to go back to, and I’m perhaps not the only one. I do know folks who don’t find Paris all that hot, but it certainly can’t be denied that the city  is simply charm itself. It’s also the only city I find completely lovely to visit, though I’ll… 

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