1 hour in Bern, Switzerland

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We were barely in Bern. We drove quickly into the little town to see the old city on the way to Chur and its mountains. A pity, since Bern was filled with all the things we loved – little market stalls in the middle of Bärenplatz (Bear Plaza), beautiful historical architecture lining cobbled streets slick with rain, and trams running down the middle of the street. We hmmped at the Curia Confoederationis Helveticae building (Federal Palace of Switzerland) then got distracted by life going on the roads instead. In the hour we gave ourselves, we walked the long shopping promenade, peeked at Albert Einstein’s tiny apartment, marvelled at the numerous elaborate statues perched high atop beautiful fountains, and saw the Zytglogge (clock tower called the “time bell”), easily seen in the centre of the medieval plaza. It was also freezing cold, kind of just the way I like it, and we couldn’t resist buying the loveliest Nutella crepe that came deliciously piping hot and was just what we needed to fuel us for the rest of the trip when we left this charming piece of Switzerland.


Gion Manzara

In the dark of the Gion district we fumbled around feeling quite like outsiders, looking for the hotel-recommended Manzara. Gion is dark, nothing bustles here, everything is secret, quiet, and behind closed doors. Every now and then a peel of girlish laughter rings through the wooden slats, or a robust, manly cheer bursts forth and… 

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Books, Beers, Bait, Bangsar

One weekend we found ourselves in Bangsar, so we took to walking the streets to see what we usually miss when we spend time there for lunch or drinks. Turns out, nothing much. Shopping in Bangsar is a bit of a rip off I think; things are often expensive but the quality isn’t up to… 

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Since I typically post about food places on our travels we’ve discovered and loved, interesting experiences, or simple travel tips and guides, I seldom do long visual posts. I’ve done some with Beirut, Turkey, Lebanon, and even of some our favourite landscapes while on drives through New Zealand. But this blog just doesn’t seem like the place to put so… 

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Shibuya. Shinjuku. Harajuku

SHIBUYA We discovered that Shibuya shopping wasn’t so much our thing, perhaps being a little bit on the teen side as girls and boys swamped the Shibuya 101 shopping towers, while we felt wholly middle aged and very much not so fashionable. It was forty degrees C in August, one of Japan’s hottest months, and… 

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instagram inspiration: snow

L – R from top: MissyJena / Drvolland / Hirozzzz / Foster Hunting / Jordan Herschel / Hirozzzz / Evthelav / Hirozzzz All image credits belong to their respective rightful owners, I do not own these pictures.  I’ve been getting loads of inspiration for travel planning for next year. This year is turning out to… 

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sevensecondrhapsody-fivefaves 21 Mar-3

5 faves – Friday 21 March

This has been THE MOST taxing two weeks. It started with coming back to a smoggy, hazy Singapore from wintry Seoul, and then waking up one day not too long thereafter with the most ridiculous headaches. For awhile I though that it’d been the haze, but it wasn’t long before one day turned into two,… 

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Fox Glacier walking in New Zealand

I’m going to avoid right up front a cheesy pun, this being one of the coolest (too late!) thing that we’d tried in New Zealand. It’s a lot less stressful than snowboarding, where I do a version of a two-legged hopping + slip and slide combination thing which eventually leads to me falling repeatedly on my… 

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7 everyday foods (that aren’t sushi or ramen) we loved in Tokyo

1. Budget fare What can I say, I think Yoshinoya is freaking awesome in Japan. Food in Tokyo is beyond expensive, and this is the original budget fare for salarymen, being one of the cheapest meals you can have in Tokyo with starting prices of ¥280 (SGD3.40) for its beef bowls. Other budget fare are… 

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