5 things I miss about Paris


Paris is the place I always want to go back to, and I’m perhaps not the only one. I do know folks who don’t find Paris all that hot, but it certainly can’t be denied that the city  is simply charm itself. It’s also the only city I find completely lovely to visit, though I’ll never think of living here, unlike Berlin. We tried out AirBnb when we stayed here, in a lovely apartment with a courtyard near the Laumiere station, which was near the city centre. It’s quite something seeing how people lived here, which was a welcome change. Aside from its tremendously awesome food, there are 5 things I miss most about Paris that can’t quite be found anywhere else.

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1. Life in and around the Metro

The Metro in Paris is a hotbed of activity, and we love just getting a hot coffee and pastry from Paul in the morning underground or finding some other bakery during rush hour that serves up hot croissants. Riding the metro is also great for people watching.

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2. History, Culture, Art

Paris is intense, the only saving grace being that everything is in French and I don’t understand the language. It’s amazing being steeped in such history that oozes from the buildings, streets and all the century-old bookstores. I love what the Louvre offers, the various contemporary art galleries, Cathedral Notre Dame, it’s just madness. And then there’s the graffiti around every corner that marks the modernity of this city in juxtaposition to its grim gargoyles.

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3. Paris by night

By night, the city lights up in an amazing way, equal parts dark and mysterious and equal parts bright and stunning. Seeing the city at night has a different kind of feel to it. Google’s Night Walk of Marseille best shows this (idea is schmazing. why didn’t I think of this??)

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4. Bistros, everywhere

It’s almost ridiculous how easy it is to find a bistro to pop into for a quick cuppa, and it’s especially awesome when it’s freezing cold and there’s just nothing better than sitting outside and warming up with a coffee. If I could do this as a hobby or a living I’d gladly do this in Paris, where the crowds make this experience very unlike anywhere else in the world.

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5. Photogenic Streets

Every corner of Paris is just beautiful, it’s like goddamnit, the face of a model that has no wrong angles. One of the best things to do is really take in Paris on foot, where exploring each neighbourhood often turns up something surprising.

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