Canoodling in KL

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If I was being really fussy, and I think I am, then this journey will unfold much longer than my appetite can sustain. My hunger to tell you every single great thing that I ate and experienced in Spain and France is overshadowed only by my OCD need to tell this story chronologically.

And so it starts in KL.

My partner, an avid traveller and world class ticket scorer, had gotten us tickets to fly to Paris on the cheap. That didn’t mean that the plane took off from Singapore, then, and so we found ourselves in a 4-hour stopover to kick start our journey. Of course we ate. And then we had some beers. And then we waited. All through our meal and beers we asked ourselves: Are we on holiday yet? Nah. This still feels like we haven’t gotten on any plane any where yet. Just settling in for some grub before a trip.

But while we were in KL, we weren’t about to skip out on cramming more Asian food down our throats before succumbing to European cuisine for the next 2 weeks. Since it was late at night, our usual haunts were off the map, and we decided to try Canoodling, at Bangsar Village. While I was searching for a site to link back to, I discovered that “canoodling” was actually a word in, slang or not; they also mentioned that its origins dated back to 1855 and was a portmanteau of ca(ress) + noodle. How strange, but completely fitting for this restaurant, surely.

The name and décor were about the best things I could think of, when I think about Canoodling. That, and the lychee and red curry duck with squid ink noodles. We loved Canoodling’s casual, hip atmosphere – right down to menus fashioned out of old school notebook, paper-covered tables and crayons for your doodling.

My partner S, craving chilli pan mee, ordered a bowl to find it a sore disappointment. I guess if you idolise and crave Kin Kin (the godfather of chilli pan mee), there’s really nothing else to fill that void. The menu is a hodgepodge of really interesting mixes and noodles, so it’s worth trying out what other items might be recommended. The duck curry & noodles were nice, but not nearly nice enough for me to wholly recommend Canoodling for your weekend haunt. So we ate, and doodled naughty food type pictures on their paper table cloth.

From KL we hopped onto the plane for a 12 hour journey to Paris, France, so stay tuned for the world’s best fallafel. No, no jesting. Really the world’s best, and my fingers are literally trembling while I type this!

Bangsar Shopping Village
1 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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