The Lunch Lady, Vietnam

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Everything I could possibly say about the Lunch Lady has already been said, from this end to the next. Some more eloquently than others, and then by Anthony Bourdain himself.

Since I was there at breakfast hour and slurped up a bowl of noodles by 10am, I could see no way how I could have housed another bowl of noodles inside me by lunch. Thus for the few days that I was in HCMC, I ate at the lunch lady twice and managed to enjoy only a bowl of bun moc, vermicelli rice noodles in a pork broth.

You’d find a good introduction to the lunch lady and her daily meals by Gastronomy. What I can only impart here is a veritable thesaurus of words describing how excellent an experience it was when I was there, tasting what must be the greatest noodle dish on earth. Under the shade of trees, on those tiny chairs that have you hugging your knees with your elbows while you tuck your head down to savour the aroma and taste of your noodles, well, there’s nothing I enjoy more. I have to confess this entire post is also only a gratuitous reason for me to make official what I’ve been staring longingly at in pictures since the trip, to recapture the memories of each and every slurp of the Lunch Lady’s earth-moving, delicious broth.

The Vietnamese Lunch Lady
23 Hoang Sa St., District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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