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There’s a little street off the main road, where at night we hear is the red light district, but by day, is full of little surprises up and down its twists and turns. Not a lot of people I know love Madrid in the short term, where comparatively Barcelona holds more wonder. Madrid’s as cosmopolitan a city as the next, bright with H&M and Sephora stores (no Gaudi works of art line these streets), but I love this city.

We were strolling around the area by our hotel, which is when we spotted this nondescript pizza parlour and stopped for a pint. The guys behind the counter spoke English and were super friendly, as are most people in Spain, we’d found. The place was a cute little joint and all pizzas were invitingly fresh, creatively made.

When we popped by, we’d already polished off lunch. And if there’s one thing my partner has learned, is that there’s no stopping me from trying something when I have to. We couldn’t pack away a lot, but the guys behind the counter were nice enough to snip for us little strips of pizzas to try (and patient enough to wait while I took ten minutes and half a drink to decide what I wanted), and then we savoured our pizza strips with just as much relish as if it were a large piece.

Pizza al Cuadrado
Calle del Barco 45, Madrid, Spain (Centro)

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