10 fast & fab sweet recipes for Christmas


Batida de Café ~ Rum with Iced Coffee and Egg White
Image and recipe by What Katie Ate

Christmas is almost here! I always look forward to spending this time of year with family. We celebrate with a dinner at a restaurant of someone’s choice, usually mine, and I make my choice based on what my mom wants. So everybody’s happy, really. We exchange gifts, talk shop, discuss this last year and then the next, and eat every single type of food my folks love. On Christmas Day, we all huddle at my partners’ folks’ place, where it’s a close 18 hour event of food preparation, family and friends in and out and plenty of cheer for the whole day. There is plenty of Christmas meats: turkey, roasts and ham, and then there’s plenty of Indian curries and rice. It’s a fabulous mix.

We get our excellent Christmas cakes and desserts from stores, but here are some of my favourite drool-worthy sweets to try out, if you’re up for it, a crowd. Happy holidays!

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Christmas Finger Jello
Image and recipe by The Pioneer Woman

These go down easy after a big Christmas meal.


Rocky Mountain Avalanche Bars
Image and recipe by Love And Olive Oil

Make in batches, cut and serve. I love desserts that can withstand time on its own out (unlike ice cream), and these are sturdy. You know there’s going to be a lot of talking and hand waving as well, so instead of serving desserts that need plates, serve something that everybody can just grab and go with.


Ho Ho (Ho) Cake
Image and recipe by Brown Eyed Baker

If you’re insistent on cake, Mmmmm…..cake……..this one’s for you. Plus its cheer is built right in (Ho Ho Ho!)


Easy Peanut Butter fudge
Image and recipe by The Sophisticated Gourmet

Many great small things come together in this recipe to become something absolutely fantastical, and you’ve just got to trust Kamran of TSG to lead you there.


White Chocolate Peppermint M&M Cookies
Image and Recipe by Two Peas and their Pod

Peppermint’s not for everybody I suppose, but I do love it and the M&M mix in this cookie sure fires up the Christmas mood for me!

donut cake

Catherine Newman’s Donut Cake
Image by The Wednesday Chef

For intimate dinner parties, there’s little need for anything mightily fancy where something plain but awesome would suffice.


Smashed Cherry + Whiskey Cooler
Image and recipe by The Best Remedy

Cocktails sure do elevate the festive mood, and they keep you drinking for longer! Try some with your Christmas dinner or parties (make an old fashioned punch bowl)!

Cookies and Cream Popcorn 500 1217

Cookies and cream popcorn
Image and recipe by Closet Cooking

Great for kids, and you can make this in great batches that can be replenished in a jiffy.


Loaded Chocolate Bourbon Fudge
Image and recipe by How Sweet It Is

Oh, bourbon, chocolate, put it together, and then some fudge, mm, you know. Just awesomeness.


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