Kushikatsu Dengana, Tokyo

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Japan’s got the after-work drinking scene down pat, done just right. It’s fun, in that way that a night out in town can be, but yet homely enough an atmosphere that you could be drinking and eating comfortably way into the night. Back home, I tire easily with the many fancy places that have appeared in the rush of the moment. I honestly don’t bother with nights out in these joints when I could do a beer at home and bunkus (takeaway) hawker favourites to enjoy in the comforts of home.

We stumbled upon this little izakaya in Tokyo walking away from Shibuya, right under a bridge. It was August, when Tokyo is unbearably hot and humid, so we practically stopped every couple of bars just to down a beer for relief to carry on. The name “Kushikatsu” means meats or vegetables deep-fried in a breadcrumb batter, so everything’s hot, crispy and fluffy. A perfect combination with beer, even in the warmth of an August Tokyo night. Outside, the joint had no high chairs, so everyone stood around their tables downing mugs of chilled Sapporo, eating skewers of fried foods with a dipping sauce in a metal container.

KUSHIKATSU DENGANA (Shibuya) 串かつでんがな 渋谷店
2-22-10 Shibuya Shibuyaku,tokyo
Tel: 03-5468-2600
Mon – Sat 16:00 – 23:45
Sun 12:00 – 23:30

Tips: The dipping sauce in the metal container is meant for sharing (they don’t replace it when customers leave), so double-dipping is frowned upon for hygienic reasons.


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